Digital Performance

Industries around the world are in the middle of digitally evolving as organizations race to adapt to new processes and business models to create competitive advantage. Currently, over 42% of CEOs say that their organizations have adopted a digital posture, and experts project digital transformation spending will exceed $2 trillion by 2021. With the delivery of digital services and apps critical for a business’ success, companies putting their digital strategy into action will be poised to flourish while those that wait may find themselves perpetually trying to catch up.

The Riverbed Digital Performance platform is a unified and integrated platform designed to help clients with their digital transformation to ensure superb digital experiences, deliver unheard of levels of operational agility, and enhance business outcomes.

The Digital Performance campaign is intended to help you reach your customers and share the eye-opening data gathered from business decision makers in the Riverbed Digital Survey report to begin the digital transformation conversation. The campaign will enable you to:

  • Explore Riverbed’s Digital Performance Solutions with customers and prospects including the digital experience and next-gen infrastructure.
  • Enable customers and prospects to enact their digital strategy and close any digital performance gap.
  • Enable your customers and prospects to transform their digital experience with secure, reliable, easy to deploy and manage technology.
  • Expand the conversation with your existing customers towards the multiple benefits of SteelConnect, all while uncovering new digital performance opportunities.

Digital Experience Management

Riverbed® SteelCentral™ is the command center for application performance for the digital enterprise, providing end-to-end, unified visibility into app performance from the application code itself, to the network it runs across, all the way out to the end-user experience.

Regardless of whether your applications are deployed on-premises or in the cloud, SteelCentral gives you performance insight to deliver with high performance and proactively maintain business-critical applications. SteelCentral is the only end-to-end solution that combines end-user experience, infrastructure, application, and network monitoring to give you a holistic view of application performance.

  • Faster application performance. Improve application control and performance across cloud-based architectures with clear visibility into the performance, SLAs, and QoS of cloud-based apps, SaaS apps, and on-premises apps.
  • Faster troubleshooting. Accelerate troubleshooting and resolution of network and application performance issues anywhere in the infrastructure with end-to-end visibility across the entire application delivery infrastructure, from the code on a server across cloud networks, WANs, and LANs to the device in the user’s hands.
  • Faster app development. Accelerate app development in the cloud, proactively prevent performance issues, and improve performance of cloud-based apps with clear visibility into the behavior and interaction of third-party components and platforms within cloud-based environments.
  • More productive IT teams. Use IT time and resources more efficiently with the ability to proactively identify and prevent performance issues – no more war rooms.


Visibility & Performance

The Microsoft Office 365 campaign is designed to create awareness to Microsoft customers that are making the transition to Office 365, and how Riverbed solutions can make that move easier, smoother and perform better. SaaS applications come with risks that include loss of visibility and control over performance as well as a reliance on public Internet and other third-party networks. These risks can negatively impact service availability, application performance, and the productivity of end-users. To realize the many benefits of Office 365, businesses need integrated solutions that provide complete performance awareness of Office 365 applications and make optimal use of network resources. Riverbed can help plan the transition to Office 365, improve productivity with a better end-user experience, and keep application performance levels consistently high as conditions change.

Help your current Microsoft customers and new prospects make their transition to Office 365 smoother.


You made the move to Office 365 to simplify IT operations and reduce costs. But Microsoft-native protections aren’t enough for Cloud Generation security challenges as your sensitive data moves between endpoints, clouds, and third parties.

Windows 10 migration

Campaign Description

Migration to Windows 10 promises improved security, easier administration, and a better end user experience. But the challenge for those who are driving Windows 10 migration inside enterprise IT is ensuring that their apps and devices will run as well or better on Windows 10 as they do on Windows 7.

Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity End User Experience Monitoring enables customers to achieve a successful Windows 10 migration by monitoring end user experience and device health. Deploying Aternity on end user devices helps enterprises plan and execute a successful Windows 10 migration, validate that the expected gains in productivity are achieved, and continually optimize end user experience once the migration is complete.

With SteelCentral Aternity, service providers get visibility into end user experience, device health to ensure, correlated with the performance of business critical applications, as applications render on users’ devices.


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IoT Infrastructure/Service Protection

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