ADAPTERA’s facilitates the achievement of its customers ICT objectives based on its proven approach that includes:

  • Baselining of ICT infrastructure & application performance.

Following the top down approach, from service/applications to supporting ICT components we are able to define the ‘normal’ performance values and expected SLOs. This approach facilitates problems resolution and sets the basis for ICT modifications or even re-design based on purely business requirements. In addition it provides clear definition of service level requirements that could form the basis of outsourcing ICT components.

  • Verifying that the ICT infrastructure can support expected SLOs under any circumstances.

Optimum design & sizing of ICT infrastructure should ensure that under demanding circumstances i.e. increased levels of usage, SLOs of critical business services will be maintained. ADAPTERA offers its customers the capability to set testing criteria based on which they can accept ICT components and services.

  • Support business & ICT operations in a way that ensures sustained availability of business services, expected service levels and minimum service activation times.

As ICT infrastructure becomes more complex, maintaining the required service levels heavily depends on automating service management processes. In addition fast service activation times can be ensured based on flow through provisioning mechanisms that automate the procedures from services request, to provisioning of components and activation of the service to the end user.

  • Optimization

Like any other business process, ICT operations should aim to ever improving effectiveness and efficiency, in other words achieving more by investing less. ADAPTERA facilitates its customers to set and achieve optimization goals both in terms of SLOs as well as in terms of cost/investment.